Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult nude scenes

Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult

Directed By: Christian Anders


The Austrian singer Christian Anders in a flash of megalomania decides to write, direct and interpret a film… and sing, of course! The movie in question is Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps, also known as Divine Emanuelle, Love Camp, Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult and another dozen titles.
Don’t be fooled by the Emmanuelle in some titles: the film was passed off as an apocryphal follow-up to the saga of Black Emanuelle, but Laura Gemser interprets “The Divine One”, leader of a cult where free love is practiced.
The daughter of an American senator is convinced to join, but she’ll find that the cult is much less free than it seems.
Nudes, nudes and still nudes, thanks to the generous Laura Gemser but also to the rest of the actresses: Jane Iwanoff, Simone Brahmann, Sylvia Engelmann and Veronika Schecker.

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