Schoolgirl Report Part 9

Directed By: Walter Boos


The original title is Schulmädchen-Report. 9. Teil: Reifeprüfung vor dem Abitur. The international title is Varsity Playthings. This is the ninth installment in a long series of mock documentaries on the sexual habits of schoolgirls. Clearly, having reached the ninth chapter, original ideas are in short supply, but we don’t care much. We care about naked actresses, and there are quite a few.
First to strip is Gina Janssen, who has sex with her boyfriend while an old lady spies on them through the keyhole. The episode starring Gina gives us two more hot sex scenes. The second nude actress is the late Puppa Armbruster (her real name was Judith Armbrüster), who performs a striptease in front of some friends. In the next scene, in an alternating montage we observe Uschi Karnat having sex with a boy and Uschi Karnat in a lesbian scene with Sandra Atia. Five minutes later, Sandra Atia is sitting on an armchair, naked, with a man who wants to have sex with her.
A few minutes later, Christine Szenetra gives us a beautiful, long sex sequence. Seven minutes later, Marianne Dupont wears a bikini to take a swim in the pool. The girl immediately takes off her bikini and gets laid in the water. Blonde Angelika Hefner performs the last two hot scenes of the film.

Nude scenes