Se sei così ti dico sì

Directed By: Eugenio Cappuccio


Piero Cicala is a former singer. Thirty years ago he had huge success with a hit, but today he is a cook in his ex-wife’s restaurant, forgotten by everyone. An invitation to a program dedicated to the 1980s returns his spotlight. He also meets Argentine diva Talita Cortes (Belén Rodríguez), and the paparazzi believe there is an affair between the two.
At the thirty-fifth minute Belén Rodríguez is lying in bed and making a phone call. As she talks, she moves one leg up and down to stretch and shows us her underwear. Four minutes later Belén removes her robe and remains in lingerie, wearing a pair of thongs that do not hide her perfect ass. After another four minutes the actress is still in sexy lingerie and is arguing with someone on the phone. Another four minutes and we admire Belén Rodríguez naked in the bathtub. First we see her breasts, then Belén stands up and we look at her naked and in profile. A statuesque beauty and one of the most beautiful asses of the millennium. There are no other nude scenes in the film, but thirty-two minutes after this bath we see Belén Rodríguez wearing an extremely sexy dress.

Nude scenes