Directed By: Claudio Sestieri


Marta (Angelique Cavallari) is a professional diver. When an injury forces her to give up her career, she moves back to her family home in Matera. In the city, Marta meets a photographer and his Japanese model, Haru (Maya Murofushi). The two girls begin a symbiotic and obsessive relationship.
Maya Murofushi is the first to undress in the film. In one scene she changes her clothes in the mirror and in the following scene she poses nude for the photographer. After two more brief nude scenes starring that beautiful Japanese actress, we get to see Angelique Cavallari and Maya Murofushi both naked, in bed. The two give us an intriguing lesbian scene.
Maya Murofushi and her shaved pussy turn us on quite a bit in the following scene, still facing the camera. Later, the actress enters the bathroom of Angelique Cavallari, who is submerged in the bathtub. Maya is wearing a blond wig, with a haircut similar to Angelique’s. A moment later, both girls are in the bathtub, with a bottle of red wine.
There is also a brief appearance of Antonia Liskova naked in the film, in a dream sequence with Angelique Cavallari.

Nude scenes