Senza vergogna

Directed By: Gianni Siragusa


Andrea is a wheelchair-bound guy, the son of two libertine parents. The poor guy spies on others’ sexual activities but has to settle for masturbation, as he is a victim of terrible discrimination by women. In the end, it will be his mother (Malisa Longo) who will make the sacrifice.
After the opening credits, maid Aretha (Rita Silva) is washing the windows of the villa while standing on a ladder. A mailman stops to admire her thighs and ass from underneath. Two minutes later, Irina Carletti has sex with a man in a chicken coop, while Andrea spies from the window. The man breaks an egg on the woman’s ass and uses it as a lube. A few minutes later, Malisa Longo washes her husband’s back while he takes a bath. He engages her and the couple has sex in the bathtub. Andrea also spies this scene. Beautiful Malisa gives us a breathtaking full-frontal nude. Seven minutes later, Malisa Longo and her husband are in bed, ready for a night’s sleep. He wants to fuck and undress her. She acquiesces and the two have sex, but soon the insatiable man leaves the bedroom and goes to the maid Aretha’s room to have sex with her as well. We can appreciate a long sex scene with Rita Silva naked and hot. Andrea doesn’t stop spying and the next morning he’s watching Vittoria Ricci swinging on a swing with her legs spread. Later, Andrea and a friend are in the bedroom together with Vittoria Ricci and Marisa Frau. The friend starts having sex with Vittoria Ricci. Marisa asks Andrea if she can use his bathroom and he accompanies her. She lets him watch her pee, then hikes up her skirt to show him her bush. Because Andrea is in a wheelchair, Marisa refuses him and masturbates lying in bed where the other two guys are copulating.
Eleven minutes later, Malisa Longo undresses in front of the mirror and admires her perfect body, then puts on her robe. In the next room, the letter carrier is having sex with Rita Silva. Six minutes later, Andrea tries to have sex with peasant Irina Carletti, but she refuses him. The mother has seen everything and made a decision: she will be the one to please Andrea.

Nude scenes