Sesso nero

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


Sesso nero is considered the first Italian hardcore film. It was shot in Santo Domingo, during the “exotic-erotic” period of director Joe D’Amato.
Mark has prostate dysfunction. He will have to be operated on and will remain sexually impotent. Before this sad fate, Mark decides to take a trip to Santo Domingo to spend happy days and get some fucking.
In Santo Domingo, Mark also hopes to find Maira, a girl he had met twelve years earlier and with whom he’s still in love.
In the role of the female protagonist is Annj Goren (Anna Maria Napolitano), a famous porn star from Italian porn movie during the 80s. Together with her, the less expressive Lucia Ramirez, Chantal Kubel and Sandy Samuel.
Lucia Ramirez was not a professional actress, but a beautiful Dominican girl who was hired by the crew.

Nude scenes