The Crimes of the Black Cat

Directed By: Sergio Pastore


In Sette scialli di seta gialla (AKA The Crimes of the Black Cat) a blind pianist tries to discover who is responsible for a series of murders. The killer uses the claws of a black cat dipped in curare.
In the thirteenth minute Annabella Incontrera wears an orange dress with a short skirt and black stockings. The dress is semi-transparent and we can catch a glimpse of her nipples. A minute later Isabelle Marchall shows us her breasts as she changes clothes. Seven minutes later we admire a full-frontal nude of Imelde Marani, who walks totally naked in her boyfriend’s photo studio. Eight minutes later Isabelle Marchall nude is engaged in a sex scene in bed with a man. In an overhead shot she also shows us a full-frontal nude. For forty-three minutes there are no nude scenes, then Sylva Koscina shows us her ass while taking a shower. Fifteen minutes later Shirley Corrigan is also naked in the shower. Unfortunately for her, the killer comes to visit her.

Nude scenes