Directed By: Patrick Longchamps


Based on a novel by Georges Bataille, Simona tells the story of a girl (Laura Antonelli) and her erotic experiences in Belgium with her boyfriend George. The two meet Marquise Marcelle de Paille (Margot Margaret) and try to free her from her father’s influence by involving her in their erotic games. It’s a film more oneiric than concrete. Sex is only alluded to, but we can enjoy some very interesting sequences.
It begins with a threesome on the beach. Laura Antonelli and Margot Margaret are there, but initially, only the latter undresses. In the last twelve seconds of the scene, we can see the asses of both actresses. One minute later, Laura Antonelli is naked and lying down while a man rolls an egg over her body.
Ten minutes later, Laura Antonelli and Margot Margaret participate in an orgy. The beautiful Margot gives us an intriguing full-frontal nude. Ten minutes later, Margot is again unclothed, this time looking out a window.
Ten minutes from the end is the last nude scene of the film, which links up with the first, on the beach.

Nude scenes