Sister Emanuelle

Directed By: Giuseppe Vari


Sister Emanuelle (original title is Suor Emanuelle) is an Italian nunsploitation made in 1977 by director Giuseppe Vari under the pseudonym Joseph Warren. This film attempts to replicate the success of Black Emanuelle by using the same name for its protagonist, but the two characters are totally different.
Monica (Monica Zanchi) is the daughter of a rich commander. One day, her father discovers her flirting with her stepmother (Dirce Funari) and sends her to a nunnery. Sister Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) takes care of her. Dating Monica awakens dormant sexual desires in the nun, who was an uninhibited woman in the past.
The film is full of hot scenes, including some very intriguing lesbian scenes with Monica Zanchi, Dirce Funari, and Vanja Locatelli.
Although the title is entirely dedicated to Laura Gemser, the main protagonist of the nude scenes is Monica Zanchi, who gives us full-frontal nudes, sex in the meadows, striptease, showers, and lesbian scenes.

Nude scenes