Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

Directed By: Michael A. Simpson


Sleepaway Camp was a kind of Friday the 13th clone with a final twist. A slasher with forays into the crime genre, unfortunately lacking in nude actresses. Five years later, Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers remedies the lack and along with gallons of blood we can also admire a good number of boobs. The villain is introduced early on and is the camp’s moralistic counselor, who kills young campers one by one.
In the sixth minute the camp girls wake up in their cots. Valerie Hartman likes to sleep in the nude and gets out of bed topless. Soon after, Susan Marie Snyder lifts up her shirt and flashes her boobs. Six minutes later, Renée Estevez wears a semi-sheer swimsuit and chats with a guy by the pool. Valerie Hartman emerges from the water wearing only a soaked white T-shirt. After another six minutes, Susan Marie Snyder lifts up her T-shirt again and shows her boobs on camera. Fourteen minutes later Valerie Hartman is having sex with a guy in the campground bathrooms, but someone calls her from outside and she is forced to interrupt and put her clothes back on. Three minutes later we see Valerie Hartman naked again. This time the girl is having sex in the middle of the woods. After this fucking, the film proceeds in its slasher aspect, with no other nude scenes.

Nude scenes