So Sweet, So Dead nude scenes

So Sweet, So Dead

Directed By: Roberto Bianchi Montero


Femi Benussi nude, Sylva Koscina nude, Krista Nell nude, Nieves Navarro (AKA Susan Scott) nude, Ulla Johannsen nude. They’re the nude actresses in the rare movie we present today: So Sweet, So Dead (the very long original title is Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile). It’s a detective story, quite rare and not very popular.
A serial killer kills unfaithful wives, leaving compromising photos at the crime scene. Obviously, unfaithful wives live in terror.
Femi Benussi, one of our favorite actresses, first gives us a sex scene, then a long sequence for lovers of black tights. Krista Nell first petting in the car, then she’s naked in the bathtub. Nieves Navarro offers us a long sex scene, while Sylva Koscina is naked in a couple of scenes, alone and with Krista Nell for a relaxing massage.

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