Star 80

Directed By: Bob Fosse


In Star 80, director Bob Fosse tells us the sad story of playmate Dorothy Stratten, who died at twenty, killed by her ex-husband. Two films were made to tell the chilling story of this promising Playmate of the year 1980 and in this Star 80, the role of Dorothy Stratten was entrusted to actress Mariel Hemingway. And Hemingway performs in an excellent interpretation, obviously giving us some exquisite nude sequences.
We can admire Mariel Hemingway naked from the very first minutes of the film. The husband remembers the wedding night, and we see the actress lying on her bed, completely naked. Thirteen minutes later, the girl lets her partner convince her to do an amateur photo shoot on their bed. She is naked, of course. A minute later, we witness another photo shoot, this time professional. In the following quick scene, we can admire Mariel Hemingway naked, lying on the bed, and thoughtful.
You can’t miss a scene in the bathtub, and indeed there is. Mariel Hemingway is immersed in the water and talking to her husband. A long sex scene and a couple more photo shoots close the nude scene sequence.

Nude scenes