Directed By: Andrew Bergman


Erin Grant (Demi Moore) is a former FBI secretary who is struggling financially. Her daughter is placed in the care of Erin’s ex-husband because he lives in financial comfort. Too bad he is a scoundrel. To regain custody of her daughter, Erin decides to work in a topless bar. Rather than improving her condition, Erin finds herself involved in a series of shady affairs.
During the opening credits some strippers perform in a night club. The first to show us their – huge – tits is Pandora Peaks, followed by Daphne Duplaix, Dina Spybey-Waters and Rena Riffel. After them, the spotlight shines on the star of the film: Demi Moore, standing center stage, wearing a suit consisting of a hat, jacket, shirt and tie. The actress immediately begins a striptease by clinging to the pole. Excitement is high, but the impetuosity of some spectators forces the girl to stop prematurely. We see Demi back on stage six minutes later, for another striptease with a different choreography. This time the woman manages to finish it and takes off her bra, showing us two perfect boobs. Twenty minutes later Barbara Alyn Woods takes the stage, performing topless along with a large snake. Three minutes later, Demi Moore emerges from the bathroom wrapped in a towel and dances in front of the mirror as she brushes her teeth and dries her hair, then opens the towel to show her breasts. The domestic spectacle is interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Demi returns to the stage eleven minutes later, wrapped in a feather boa. The actress is already partially undressed: she is wearing only panties and bra, which she unhooks almost immediately, covering her breasts with feathers. When she drops the boa, she wanders topless onstage lowering herself to customers who want to stuff dollars into her panties. Seventeen minutes later Demi Moore strips for the last time in the film. A private show, with her standing on a table in a yacht. The actress removes her top and skirt and remains in her bra and thong, then she removes her bra as well. There is another sexy scene with her 15 minutes later. Demi is still performing on the yacht table, but she remains in white lingerie and does not strip completely. In the following scene, the last striptease of the film is given to us by Rena Riffel, at the pole dance pole.

Nude scenes