The Big Switch

Directed By: Pete Walker


The Big Switch is director Pete Walker’s first feature film, shot in a week. John Carter is an unrepentant womanizer. One night he picks up a woman in a nightclub and takes her home. The woman is killed and he’s framed for the crime.
In the film, there are several very interesting nude actresses. Unfortunately, some of them haven’t worked on other films after this one.
Gilly Grant plays poker and loses everything, even her bra. Erika Raffael strips completely to take a shower, but she will find a killer on the other side of the door. Virginia Wetherell is about to have sex with a man, but some criminals break into the room. Tracy Yorke opens the film with a long and intriguing striptease. Annette Johnson and Maxine King pose for an erotic shoot and show us two stunning full frontal nudes and shaved pussies.

Nude scenes