The Case of the Bloody Iris

Directed By: Giuliano Carnimeo


Jennifer (Edwige Fenech) and Marilyn (Paola Quattrini) are a couple of models who live in the same apartment. Unfortunately for them, the building they live in seems to be frequented by a serial killer.
Interesting crime film, which often divides the audience. We are more interested in boobs, and we can’t complain.
The first nude scene shows us Edwige Fenech and Paola Quattrini posing for a photographer, both with body paint depicting T-shirts.
Both actresses give us other interesting scenes, including nudes, transparent bras, and bathtubs. In addition to them, the film also features the beautiful Carla Brait, who performs in a nightclub.
The original title is Perché quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer?

Nude scenes