The Girlfriend Experience (Season 2)

Directed By: Lodge Kerrigan


After getting excited with the first season of The Girlfriend Experience, we looked forward to the second. This is an anthology series, so the characters and stories are all new. This time we watch two parallel stories. The first is set in Washington, D.C., during the US mid-term elections. The finance director of a Republican committee hires an escort to blackmail a fundraiser. The second story is set in New Mexico and follows the story of the partner of a criminal who has decided to betray him and testify against him.
Lots of hot scenes from this second season. We mention the ones that made us most excited.
Carmen Ejogo masturbating in front of the mirror. A lesbian sequence with Louisa Krause getting licked between her legs by the mature Shauna MacDonald. Louisa Krause and Anna Friel in a couple of breathtaking lesbian scenes. Louisa Krause gives a dude a blowjob while he films her on his phone. Anna Friel in voyeur mode gives instructions to a guy who fucks Louisa Krause. And many others!

Nude scenes