The Lost Empire

Directed By: Jim Wynorski


In search of revenge, the policewoman Angela Wolf, her Indian friend Whitestar and the outlaw Heather infiltrate the fortress of a powerful wizard located on an island. In this island, the magician and the followers of his cult organize fights between gladiators, who are actually abducted women.
Between magic and struggles, there are still ingredients that we prefer: nude actresses. Raven De La Croix is ‚Äčthe Indian Whitestar and her tits are legendary. Very, very big tits.
Other very beautiful tits are those of Angela Aames and we can admire them while the actress takes an invigorating shower. Invigorating for us too!
Melanie Vincz plays policewoman Angela Wolf. There are no nude scenes for this actress, but she still manages to offer us something intriguing thanks to her forms and lingerie. And again Angelique Pettyjohn, aka Whiplash, dressed in black latex and armed with a whip. The list of beauties showing tits ends with Anne Gaybis and Tracey Adams.
The Lost Empire is a hymn to female beauty. And big boobs of course.

Nude scenes