The Only House in Town

Directed By: Edward D. Wood Jr.


The Only House in Town is a film that attracts two types of viewers: fans of legendary director Ed Wood and fans of legendary busty actress Uschi Digard. The former will probably be disappointed, while Uschi fans will have the pleasure of observing her in an orgy, a long sex scene, and a couple of lesbian sequences with the blonde Neola Graef.
The film remained in oblivion for many years and was only released in 2016. It’s probably not even finished work, because in some places the audio is incomprehensible and the soundtrack comes and goes. Occasionally, even the voice of the director is heard.
Of course, we fans of nude actresses have no problems and enjoy the nude scenes. To take off clothes, in addition to Uschi Digard and Neola Graef, there are also Jane Tsentas and Lynn Harris.

Nude scenes