The Other Woman

Directed By: Jag Mundhra


Jessica (Lee Anne Beaman) is a journalist investigating a murder case. In the investigation she becomes fascinated by a woman who may be her husband’s mistress… and who may also become her lover at this point.
Early in the film Lee Anne Beaman is about to make love to her husband, but a work call interrupts her. This is obviously a big problem for her husband, who gets pissed off. Neglecting sex for work is a bad habit. Twelve minutes later we finally admire Lee Anne Beaman naked, ready to take a shower. Later, the actress spies Juliet Reagh having sex with a man. The next day Juliet Reagh poses for a nude shoot with Deidre Holland. After the shower, the bathtub. Lee Anne Beaman is submerged in the water and thinks back to the naked actresses she has previously spied on. From a flashback we find out why the journalist has little interest in sex: as a teenager she caught her mother (Victoria Deuschle) having sex with her neighbor (Kym Wilde) and this evidently traumatized her. We, on the contrary, are happy to see Victoria and Kim licking each other. In the next scene the woman goes to work and catches her secretary (Beth Richards) having sex on the couch with a colleague. Perhaps she should learn to knock.
The nude scenes do not end, and moments later we admire another photo shoot with Juliet Reagh. The photographer is Melissa Moore, who can’t keep her shirt buttoned and lets us look at her boobs. After about ten minutes it seems that the reporter’s inhibitions are gone. First she has sex with Juliet Reagh, then she fucks a stranger in Juliet’s shower. Inhibition gone, Jessica returns home and has sex with her husband. In between we report mobs, blackmail, and a gunfight.

Nude scenes