The Pussycat Syndrome

Directed By: Ilias Mylonakos


The original title of this Greek film is Orgia stin Kerkyra, which translated means Orgies in Corfu. The international version is titled The Pussycat Syndrome.
Donna and Gloria are two models on vacation in Greece. Their only interest is having a good time, with each other or with some handsome macho. The two girls also meet a couple of artists, with whom they share pleasant moments of sex.
Director Ilias Mylonakos packs the classic softcore film where boobs and asses are more important than the almost non-existent plot. The two lead actresses – Ajita Wilson and the unknown Tina Eklund – give us several interesting scenes, including lesbian sequences. The movie turns hardcore for five minutes when Ajita Wilson gives a dude on the beach a good blowjob. A real blowjob, absolutely not simulated.
The third actress in the film is Jacqueline Marcant and she also offers us some very interesting sequences.

Nude scenes