The Queen of the Elephants nude scenes

The Queen of the Elephants

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


Do you remember Tarzan’s story? Surely yes, or you can look at one of the many films dedicated to this story. A baby raised by monkeys and brought back to the so-called civilization after being found by humans.
The Queen of the Elephants tells the same story but in a female version. Ah, and with the elephants instead of the monkeys.
Selen plays a woman who grew up with elephants. When her relatives finally find her and take her home, she has serious difficulties adapting to her new aristocratic life.
The most interesting part is that everyone here fucks everyone. Selen is dedicated to the whole menu of a hardcore movie: blowjobs, anal sex, lesbian scenes… To help her complete the list of sexual practices there are the pornstars Maria Szolontai and Gabriella Vincze.

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