The Rapture

Directed By: Michael Tolkin


Mimi Rogers plays a woman who is bored with her life. She tries to fill her days with erotic games and group sex, but that’s not enough. In a drastic overturning of the plot, the woman seeks new inspirations by dedicating herself entirely to religion.
The Rapture is one of the best apocalyptic movies of the 90s, in our opinion. But above all, it’s a film that delights us with Mimi Rogers naked. This woman has a sexy face and two fabulous tits. For us, instant erections.
In the first hot scene of the film, Mimi Rogers and Stephanie Menuez are having fun with two men. Stephanie takes off her shirt and starts dancing topless, then the erotic dance turns into a threesome. Shortly after, Mimi is chatting together with one of the two men, while the other is fucking with Stephanie Menuez, in the background.
In another scene, Carole Davis is fucking a man while Mimi watches her, intrigued by a giant tattoo the girl has on her back. While Mimi Rogers fantasizes about the tattoo, a man fucks her from behind.
Three short, very interesting sequences follow. In two of them, Mimi Rogers comes out of bed showing us her big boobs. In the third, she comes out of the shower.

Nude scenes