The Seduction of Inga

Directed By: Joseph W. Sarno


Inga (Marie Liljedahl) is a beautiful Swedish girl who has recently moved to Stockholm. The girl befriends her neighbors and falls in love with one of them, Stig. Unfortunately, Inga discovers that Stig has committed adultery with her daughter Greta (Inger Sundh). When Stig dies in a car accident, Greta blames Inga for the death of her father. As the two argue, they end up in bed together and start a lesbian relationship.
Very interesting plot for this film by director Joseph W. Sarno. Marie Liljedahl undresses a lot. Inger Sundh strips in a couple of very interesting scenes, including a lesbian sequence with Marie Liljedahl.
The original title of the film is Någon att älska.

Nude scenes