De Sade 70

Directed By: Jesús Franco


On 18 June 2018 Maria Rohm passed away. This actress, whose real name was Helga Grohmann, started her film career at an early age. The pinnacle of his career came in 1968, when she began a cooperation with the Spanish b-movie master Jesús Franco. She will become his muse and will make nine films with him in just five years.
One of these films is De Sade 70, which tells the story of an innocent young woman who ends up in the clutches of a sadist and his sister. There is Marie Liljedahl in the role of the young girl. In the role of the sadistic sister of the sadist, there is Maria Rohm. It is a film full of eroticism, with some sprinkling of lesbos and BDSM.
Maria Rohm left the cinema in 1976. Her last role, in fact, is in the movie Annie. But we have never stopped dreaming about it.

Nude scenes