The Swinging Stewardesses

Directed By: Erwin C. Dietrich


In Die Stewardessen (AKA The Swinging Stewardesses) director Erwin C. Dietrich tells the story of four uninhibited stewardesses and their sexual adventures consumed in Copenhagen, Zurich, Rome, and Munich.
The film features an interesting list of nude actresses, who start appearing right from the opening credits. Margrit Siegel is a stewardess who has sex with the pilot during the flight. Unsafe, but very exciting! Once she lands, she has hotel sex with one of the passengers. Three minutes later, the actress is having dinner in a hotel room with a guy, both naked.
The second stewardess in the film is Ursula Marty and she has sex in a hotel with a man as well. The girl takes turns with Evelyne Traeger, another hostess, who lives in an apartment with Ingrid Steeger. The two girls walk around the house naked and have sex with their partners. And one night they all watch porn together.
Kathrin Heberle stars in the next scene, which features sex and marijuana. The last nude actress in the film is Ingrid Steeger, who takes off her clothes as she climbs a concrete staircase.

Nude scenes