The World to Come

Directed By: Mona Fastvold


We are in upstate New York in 1950. On a farm, Abigail (Katherine Waterston) lives with her husband. After a cold winter, in the spring a new couple settles on the neighboring farm. The woman, Tallie (Vanessa Kirby), is beautiful and outspoken. A passion arises between Abigail and Tallie, which fills the void in their lives.
After fifty minutes, Vanessa Kirby and Katherine Waterston kiss. There is no nudity, but this sequence is particularly exciting. Five minutes later, the two girls kiss again. This time, Vanessa Kirby puts her hand under Katherine Waterston‘s skirt. Later, the two actresses cuddle lying in a forest. Vanessa wears a sexy, see-through white top.
Finally, at the end of the film, the tension melts away and we can admire Vanessa Kirby and Katherine Waterston naked, clutching each other during some lesbian sex.

Nude scenes