Three Women

Directed By: Louise Friedberg


Three Women is a series based on the 2019 book of the same name by Lisa Taddeo. Episode after episode we follow a group of women determined to take charge of their lives.
In the seventh minute of the first episode Betty Gilpin is sitting on the toilet bowl and trimming her (fake) bush hair. Shortly afterwards the actress rubs herself against the shower wall and licks it. Toward the end of the episode DeWanda Wise naked enters a swimming pool at night and shows us her breasts. At the thirty-fifth minute of the second episode Betty Gilpin is making out with a man in a motel. She is wearing red lingerie. She pulls down the man’s pants and releases a big erect cock, then runs to the bathroom. In the following scene we admire Betty Gilpin naked and lying in bed. The man gets on top of her and the two engage in a long and exciting sex scene. In the third episode DeWanda Wise and Toni Martin dance and kiss while two guys watch, then DeWanda removes Toni’s dress, who joins one of the two guys for sex. The other guy removes DeWanda’s dress and takes her from behind. Everything seems to be going well, then DeWanda suddenly gets angry and the sex stops. In the fourth episode we watch Gabrielle Creevy naked in a sex scene on a bed. Episode five begins with Shailene Woodley naked between the covers. The actress is having sex with a man. When they are finished he gets out of bed and she turns over on her stomach, after showing us the (fake) bush. We see Shailene Woodley naked again thirty-nine minutes later. A man is on top of her and they are fucking. After sex, the two are left talking under the sheets, but the actress’ breasts pop out. Later, the actress gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom, puts her hand between her legs, and notices that she is bleeding. Episode 6 gives us another couple of long sex scenes. In one, Betty Gilpin has sex in a motel room; in the other, DeWanda Wise has sex with one man while another watches. At the beginning of the seventh episode, Shailene Woodley is lying on the couch, naked, in a man’s arms. Seven minutes later, inside a car, Betty Gilpin bites into a chocolate, slips her fingers into its creamy filling, and spreads it on a man’s cock. Then the two have sex. Eighteen minutes later Betty emerges from a tanning booth and walks around topless and panties. In the ninth episode there is a long sex scene with DeWanda Wise, Lola Kirke, and a couple of men. The foursome took acid before fucking and at one point DeWanda starts freaking out. In the tenth and final episode DeWanda Wise enters the bedroom and meanwhile strips naked. A man waits for her in bed and the two have sex.

Nude scenes