The Seducers

Directed By: Ottavio Alessi


The most requested movie with Edwige Fenech nude is The Seducers (AKA Top Sensation). There are many versions of this movie, cutted, distressed, lost and refund. This movie entered the myth because of his spicy scenes, it was 1969. One of these scenes, maybe the most famous, is those with Edwige Fenech making a goat licking between her legs. But we remember also the scene in which Edwige and Rosalba Neri slater the suntan on each other or, plus, when Edwige kisses Eva Thulin‘s tits in a lesbo scene together with Rosalba Neri, too. Some very interesting scenes even if they’re often more intuitions than real sights. Our clips are from two versions of this movie: the Italian one, with a very good quality, and the English one, with a lower quality but uncensored. An unforgettable update that you can’t loose!

Nude scenes