Truck Stop nude scenes

Truck Stop

Directed By: Jean-Marie Pallardy


Truck Stop (original title is L’amour chez les poids lourds) is a 70s version of Homer’s Odyssey. Ulysses is a truck driver and Penelope runs a bar. The film is an Italian-French production and is directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy.
Between sequences on the road and fistfights, there are many scenes with nude actresses. Cult actresses: Ajita Wilson, Paola Maiolini, Nikki Gentile, Ely Galleani and Annik Borel. Among the many hot sequences, our favorite is a lesbian scene between Ely Galleani and Paola Maiolini, while they are observed by a dozen men.
There are many lovers of the 70s nude cinema who are looking for Paola Maiolini nude; in this scene, they will be able to admire not only naked but also kissed and licked by Ely Galleani.

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