Tulip Fever

Directed By: Justin Chadwick


Tulip Fever is the story of a woman named Sophia orphaned by her parents who grew up in a convent. A wealthy Amsterdam merchant marries her, with the urgent desire to have a son, an heir.
The married couple poses for the painter Jan van Loos. The merchant wants a portrait, but given the evolution of the affair, a photograph might have been better. Unfortunately, they had not yet invented them in the seventeenth century, a period in which our history takes place. Sophia falls in love with the painter, the painter falls in love with Sophia and the two will live a clandestine passion.
Alicia Vikander gives us some very interesting nude sequences, and together with her are the beautiful Cara Delevingne and the sensual Holliday Grainger. An essential film for lovers of nude actresses, because these three girls are charming.

Nude scenes