Tutte le donne di un uomo da nulla

Directed By: Roger A. Fratter


Paolo Nullo is not in his best moment. His wife has no esteem for him, he is indebted for a lost poker game, he is constantly mocked and humiliated… Yet, of all these misfortunes, things could settle down for the better.
Tutte le donne di un uomo da nulla is a film by Roger A. Fratter, one of our favorite directors and one of the major representatives of Italian indie cinema. In his films there is never a lack of beautiful women, and this too is no exception, starting with the cinematographic debut of the beautiful Claudia Vismara.
In addition to Claudia Vismara nude, we can admire other nude actresses: Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Luana Borgia and Margherita Di Sarno.

Nude scenes