Luana la porcona

Directed By: Lorenzo Onorati


Luana Borgia was one of the most prominent Italian hard actresses in the 1990s, picking up the legacy of Ilona Staller and Moana Pozzi. Luana la porcona, directed by Lorenzo Onorati, was released in 1992. It’s a classic hardcore film with a laughable plot: Luana Borgia is sitting on the couch and excitedly reminiscing about some previous fuckings.
In the first scene, Luana Borgia and the maid (Sheila Stone) blow two guests. The second scene is very interesting because Lori Ghidini is involved. This beauty is a softcore actress with numerous fans. Luana Borgia licks Lori’s pussy, then fucks a man, while Lori just watches, sitting on the legs of another actor, who fondles her tits.
In another very interesting scene, Luana Borgia is engaged in a threesome with a man and an unknown porn star, never again spotted in any other film. In the following scene, there is another unknown actress. We only know that her name is Lalla, but she disappears after this film. In the scene, Luana Borgia penetrates her anally with a strapon. A long dildo is also used for the following lesbian scene, starring Luana Borgia and Stella Tempest. Very horny.
Later, Stella Tempest has sex with a man, while Luana Borgia watches them blow a large black dildo.
The scene that follows is one of the hottest in Lori Ghidini‘s career, as she duets with Luana Borgia in a very hot lesbian sequence. In the background, Lalla and Sheila Stone fuck two men.
The ending of the film is all about Luana Borgia, with blowjobs and anal sex.

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