Un bestiale triangolo erotico

Directed By: Antonio D'Agostino


In 1987, the Italian director Antonio D’Agostino made this hardcore film by putting together some original sequences and a lot of clips taken from already published French porn films.
The only original sequences are those with Marina Hedman and Dominique Dietsh. The story is simple: a group of friends gathers in a house and discuss their ex-wives. Marina Hedman is present in the house, to amuse them.
At the beginning of the movie, Marina is fucking doggy style with one of the men. Soon after, she is in the bathroom giving another man a blowjob. It’s time for memories: all the men sit at a round table and talk about their ex-wives, while Marina Hedman blows them one at a time. Each memory is a scene recycled from another movie, except for an unedited scene starring Dominique Dietsh, who first gives a blowjob, then has sex with a man.

Nude scenes