Vediamoci chiaro

Directed By: Luciano Salce


Alberto Catuzzi is the director of a successful television channel. The man loses his sight after a car accident. Ironically, the loss of sight allows him to understand the people around him and their actions much better.
At minute 16, Jasmine Maimone shows her breasts to the protagonist to make sure he’s really blind. At minute 22, the protagonist enters the house and surprises Milly D’Abbraccio intent on having sex with a guy on the couch. He cannot see, so he talks to her without knowing that she’s naked. Thirty-six minutes later Eleonora Giorgi gives us a brief sexy scene, but no nudity. Twelve minutes later, the protagonist again enters a room where Milly D’Abbraccio is naked with a guy. She continues to make out with the guy, as the protagonist is blind.

Nude scenes