Venere in pelliccia

Directed By: Massimo Dallamano


In 1969, Italian director Massimo Dallamano made a film based on a novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venere in pelliccia (Venus in Fur). The film was released in West Germany under the title Venus im Pelz and was an Italian-Swiss-German production. In Italy, censorship blocks the film and it’s not shown in theaters. The director tries to make some cuts, in 1973, but again the film fails to pass the censor’s approval. He succeeds in 1975, with a totally re-edited film, the plot changed and many erotic scenes cut. The title of this new film is Le malizie di Venere.
Venere in pelliccia tells the story of wealthy young Severin, who meets nymphomaniac model Wanda de Dunaieff (Laura Antonelli) and falls in love with her. Their relationship takes an S&M turn, and the young man asks the model to punish him more and more severely, including cheating with other men in front of him. The two marry and go to live in a seaside villa, together with two lesbian maids (Josil Raquel and Renate Kasché). Wanda meets a rough biker and invites him to live with her and her husband. This presence sours relations and Severin leaves home. On the road, he meets a prostitute who reminds his wife, and he establishes a sadomasochistic relationship with her.
In this film, Laura Antonelli is naked from the opening credits. The actress is lying in bed and a man is fondling her. This is a scene that is repeated later in the film. After two minutes, Laura Antonelli is naked in front of the mirror. A man is spying on her as she covers herself with a fur coat and admires her full-frontal nude reflection. A few minutes later the guy is still spying on Laura Antonelli from a hole in the wall. The actress is having sex with a man. In the next scene, the actress is naked in bed with a man. The woman stands up and shows us a breathtaking full-frontal nude. Six minutes later, there is another fabulous scene with Laura Antonelli naked. This beauty goddess is lying on a lawn; a man undresses her and reaches down with his head between her legs. He performs oral sex on her, which we don’t see, but we can guess from her jubilant face. After a dozen minutes, we see the opening credits sequence again, with Laura Antonelli naked and the man caressing her body.
Seven minutes later, in a very soft BDSM sequence, Laura Antonelli rides a man and whips him. Then the two make love, spied on by a waitress (Renate Kasché). Later, the maid presents herself naked to the landlord, but she’s rejected. The girl consoles herself with her colleague (Josil Raquel), in a beautiful lesbian scene. Three minutes later, another very beautiful scene: Laura Antonelli naked on a white leather sofa, modeled by a painter. The artist does a great job and Laura rewards him by going to bed with him.
After a series of short sequences with Laura Antonelli naked, we can enjoy a choral scene that includes all the nude actresses in the film: the aforementioned Laura, Josil Raquel, and Renate Kasché.

Nude scenes