Vikings (Season 6)

Directed By: Steve Saint Leger


The lack of nude actresses last season disappointed us a little. The final season of Vikings continues to favor horns over boobs, but there are some very interesting sequences. And most of all, very exciting.
In the third episode, Lucy Martin comes out of the water completely naked and goes to lie down in bed, trying to seduce a Viking.
In episode eight, Lucy Martin is having sex with the Viking from the previous scene. The two have a lot of fun, but a woman interrupts the ride.
In episode 10, Alicia Agneson is standing topless and wearing a blonde wig. A large necklace falls between her big and perfect tits. The girl approaches a guy sitting on a pile of pillows and crouches down to kiss him. He takes off her blonde wig to look at her dark hair.
The latest nude scene is in episode 15. Ragga Ragnars is standing on a dock, facing dozens of people. She takes off her clothes and throws himself into the freezing water. The woman floats completely naked, then disappears among the waves.

Nude scenes