Violence in a Women’s Prison

Directed By: Bruno Mattei


The beautiful Black Emanuelle ranges from one genre to another without problems, and in the seventh chapter of her long saga, she faces the WIP (women in prison) genre.
Violenza in un carcere femminile (AKA Violence in a Women’s Prison) is the seventh film, but the first directed by Bruno Mattei, after five films made by Joe D’Amato, and the original directed by Bitto Albertini.
Undercover in a women’s prison, Emanuelle discovers the inmates are being harassed and tortured. Oh, and they wear hold-ups!
This film was made simultaneously with Blade Violent – I violenti (AKA Women’s Prison Massacre), the eighth and last chapter of the Black Emanuelle series, which came out the following year and which shares a good part of the cast.
Laura Gemser strips less than usual, but she strips a lot. Antonella Giacomini and Françoise Perrot give us a beautiful lesbian scene. Lorraine De Selle does not undress, but she is very sexy, while Ursula Flores is the latest nude actress on the list.

Nude scenes