Volevo fare la rockstar (Season 1)

Directed By: Matteo Oleotto


Olivia (Valentina Bellè) is a girl who dreams of becoming a rock star. She gets pregnant very young, and all her dreams end. The television series Volevo fare la rockstar tells us about her, now a woman and a mother.
In the first episode, Valentina Bellè takes off her shirt before going to sleep and shows us her beautiful tits. Valentina shows us her tits also in the third episode while lying in bed. We have to wait until the seventh episode for more intriguing scenes. In this episode, Valentina Bellè gets massaged in one scene. Towards the end of the episode, we admire again Valentina Bellè naked, this time engaged in an intense sexual performance.
The eighth episode is packed with nude actresses. We can still enjoy the tits of Valentina Bellè, but also a very rare nude by Emanuela Grimalda. Also, a hot scene with Margherita Morchio.
In the ninth episode, Margherita Morchio excites her boyfriend, and us, with sexy lingerie. Shortly after, we enjoy another nude by Valentina Bellè. Unfortunately, it is the last nude scene of the season.

Nude scenes