W la foca

Directed By: Nando Cicero


The film W la Foca had an unfortunate history because it was inexplicably seized soon after its release. Director Nando Cicero had to justify himself several times in court (while he was busy shooting a film), and the affair disgusted him so much that he retired from the scene. Censorship for no reason caused the film to go into oblivion for over two decades. Then it was screened at the 2004 Venice Film Festival, appreciated even by Quentin Tarantino.
The film is full of nude actresses, but there are no scenes that warrant a seizure. The plot is nonexistent: it’s a series of jokes stitched together by Lory Del Santo, who plays a girl newly arrived in Rome, looking for work.
At the beginning of the film, we can admire a young Moana Pozzi, who convinces several train conductors not to give her a ticket for lack of a ticket. Her arguments are two big tits and a perfect ass. A couple of minutes later, Lory Del Santo changes her stockings in a cab, making the taxi driver’s head spin.
After a sexy sequence with Adriana Giuffrè, we again admire Lory Del Santo naked, about to take her inevitable shower. Immediately after, Dagmar Lassander seduces an ophthalmologist, then Lory Del Santo seduces a painter. Finally, another shower by Lory.
In a doctor’s office, the doctor gives Antonella Prati a very detailed examination.
The action moves to a hotel. In one room, Antonella Antinori plays a BDSM mistress. In another room, Lory Del Santo makes love to a man. The list of nude actresses is not over, and later in the film, there is Michela Miti, wearing a transparent pink robe, and Simonetta Carosi, topless on the doctor’s bed. The hot scenes continue. We see Lory Del Santo in black stockings, in red stockings, naked on the bed, and as queen of fitness.

Nude scenes