Weird Science nude scenes

Weird Science

Directed By: John Hughes


If you can’t find the woman of your dreams, build one. This is the premise of Weird Science, a film that tells the story of two nerds bullied by schoolmates and unable to relate to girls.
One day the two boys are watching a film about Frankenstein on television and they decide to try an experiment: to build a perfect woman using a computer. Yes, ok, it seems an absurd idea, but in this movie it works. Not only does it work, but the woman who comes out is identical to Kelly LeBrock (indeed, it’s Kelly LeBrock).
This wonderful actress does not take off her clothes, except once in the shower, but she is super sexy whenever she appears in front of the camera.
However, there are also tits in this film, those of Kym Malin, in the role of a sexy pianist.

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