Where the Truth Lies nude scenes

Where the Truth Lies

Directed By: Atom Egoyan


The Year of 1957. Lanny Morris and Vince Collins are two very famous television entertainers. The couple is running a Telethon edition that will make a lot of money and their success is constantly increasing. The day after the television marathon, however, the body of a woman is found in the bathtub in their hotel room. The total strangeness of the two showmen will be proven, but their career and friendship will be marked forever.
Some fifteen years later a journalist decides to reopen the case and shed light on this strange story. The woman will discover that the truth has many facets…
Alison Lohman, Kristin Adams, Rachel Blanchard, and Rebecca Davis are the nude actresses of this film. Some sequences are very intriguing, like the lesbian scene between Alison Lohman and Kristin Adams.

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