White Lily nude scenes

White Lily

Directed By: Hideo Nakata


White Lily (whose original title is Howaito rirî) is a good opportunity to enjoy some nice japan style sex. Rin Asuka, Kaori Yamaguchi and Kanako Nishikawa give us some fabulous sequences and the excitement grows from scene to scene.
In watching the lesbian scenes, the pussy licking, the 69… you wouldn’t say that the nudometer of this film is only three stars. In fact, only tits and asses are shown, but we guarantee that the absence of full frontal nudes is not even noticeable.
White Lily tells the story of a ceramist and her students. And of the morbid relationship that is established between them. In short, everyone fucks everyone. Fans of nude Asian actresses will not be disappointed with the sequences in this film.

Nude scenes