Wild Honey

Directed By: Don Edmonds


An innocent country girl (Donna Young) runs away from her much less innocent father and ends up in hedonistic Los Angeles. Here she meets hippies, psychedelic drugs, has threesomes and has lesbian relationships. In short, intense days.
In the 11th minute, Donna Young dries off after a shower, then lies in bed totally naked and masturbates thinking about a guy her father hired on the farm. The next day she and this guy go for a motorcycle ride and have sex on a lawn. Twenty-two minutes later we admire Donna Young naked, lying on the couch, having sex with another guy. Three minutes later the girl poses naked for a photo shoot. At the end of the shoot, the photographer places a bill on her pussy. Shortly thereafter Donna Young is at a couple’s house. The woman (Carol Hill) removes her clothes and gets into bed with the man. As the two have sex, Donna watches them and undresses, then Carol invites her to join them. Donna Young and Carol Hill give us a long lesbian scene a few minutes later that is very exciting. Five minutes later Carol Hill is lying on her stomach, naked, while Lynn Harris, also naked, massages her with an electric vibrator. A minute later the film’s list of nude actresses is augmented with a cameo by Bambi Allen, naked in her hippie residence. In the following scene, Donna Stanley walks naked through a manor with her partner and the leading lady. In the manor are Phyllis Stengel and Uschi Digard having sex with a man who is reading a book. Donna Young is led into a room, stripped, tied up, and hung from the ceiling, watched by onlookers.

Nude scenes