Wow, It’s Cindy

Directed By: Ray Nankey


German model Cindy flies to Los Angeles dreaming of becoming a Hollywood actress. Her friend Joyce, an escort with huge tits, hosts her. Finding a job as an actress is not easy, even if Cindy indulges in casting couches. However, Cindy will find the love of her life at a birthday party.
Wow, It’s Cindy is definitely not a masterpiece of cinema, but offers us fabulous sequences. The main character – Cindy – is played by the blonde Phyllis Stengel. Her friend Joyce is played by the legendary Uschi Digard, red hair and huge boobs.
The film opens with a beautiful lesbian scene between the two actresses and then continues with… another lesbian sequence between Uschi Digard and Phyllis Stengel. The following scene – guess what – is a lesbian sequence, this time in the shower. The scenes are several and all interesting, including the birthday party in which – of course naked – Donna Stanley, Barbara Mills, Neola Graef, and Monica Gayle participate.

Nude scenes