Zombie Lake nude scenes

Zombie Lake

Directed By: Jean Rollin, Julian De Laserna


The plot of Zombie Lake (whose original title is Le lac des mort vivants) is easily understood. A strange epidemic spreads in a lake that resurrects the corpses present on the bottom. They are Nazi soldiers killed by some bandits during the Second World War. And now they seek revenge!
Pascale Vital, uncredited in the film, is the first to jump into the lake. The beautiful Pascale shows us everything before the zombies arrive to capture her in front of and behind her. Nadine Pascal is the second to undress, before making love with a soldier (who will become a zombie).
Halfway through the film, a large group of girls jumps into the lake. We recognize the charming Gilda Arancio among the many naked girls . Who knows if they will find the zombies…

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