5 Bed Bunnies on the Loose

Directed By: Ralf Gregan


Frühreife Betthäschen (AKA 5 Bed Bunnies on the Loose) is an episodic German sexploitation. On its release, it was seized because it was considered pornographic, but there are no hardcore scenes and it’s a classic Schulmädchen-Report-style mock documentary with softcore sequences.
The first to undress is Dorit Henke, who shows her breasts to two boys who own a speedboat. Later, the blond actress has sex on the beach with one of them. Twelve minutes later, Monika Koslowski and Rita Koslowski go to a clothing store to buy themselves something and end up having a threesome with the clerk.
Rena Bergen stars in the following two scenes. In the first scene, she has sex with a man in a car, and in the second she has sex in the man’s office.
The film continues and we find Bianca Herr and a friend of hers (possibly Morena Landen) in bikinis by the pool. The girls uncover their breasts to slather on protective cream while a group of businessmen spies on them from their meeting room window. A series of interesting sequences with these actresses follow: Morena Landen naked in a phone booth, Morena Landen having sex in a wheelbarrow, and Bianca Herr having sex in her bed.
Gaby Heinecke is the last nude actress in the film. She is a waitress and when the diner is closed she puts a song in the jukebox and undresses to the music. Later, the girl has sex with a man on the pool table.

Nude scenes