A Royal Affair

Directed By: Nikolaj Arcel


A Royal Affair is a story set in the eighteenth century, at the court of King Christian VII of Denmark. The king’s wife, Carolina Matilde of Hanover, has a love affair with the royal doctor. Maybe it’s not the best thing a queen should do, but you know: the heart wants what it wants.
The story is told by the queen herself, in a letter she’s writing to her sons and that we see as a long flashback.
The part that interests us most in this film is the lead actress Alicia Vikander. Alicia shows us her nipples while bathing in a wooden tub, then she gives us the vision of her beautiful ass during a love scene with the doctor and finally shows us her tits again while cuddling with her man (yes, always the doctor of course). Thanks, Alicia, they are great sequences.

Nude scenes