Abigail Lesley Is Back in Town

Directed By: Joseph W. Sarno


Abigail Lesley (Jennifer Jordan) used to live in a small fishing village, but she left when she was caught in bed with the husband of another woman, Priscilla (Rebecca Brooke AKA Mary Mendum).
Today Abigail Lesley has returned to her hometown and continues her seductive work. She seduces everyone, men and women, including her previously betrayed wife.
The late Rebecca Brooke is the first to undress. She opens her robe and admires her body in front of the mirror. Soon after, she has sex with her husband. Meanwhile, Jennifer Jordan has begun her work of seduction and we find her in bed with a man. Later, Jennifer Jordan is in bed with Chris Jordan. The two actresses give us a long and intriguing lesbian scene.
A few minutes later we find Jennifer Jordan and Julia Sorel about to initiate a foursome with a couple of bold men. Julia Sorel is extremely excited about this experience. Meanwhile, Susan Sloan is fucking a man on the couch. Shortly thereafter Jennifer Welles joins in.
Moments later Jennifer Jordan and Julia Sorel engage in a beautiful lesbian scene. Jennifer Jordan‘s seductive work continues and after banging Priscilla’s husband she also bangs her. A lesbian trio with her, Julia Sorel, and Rebecca Brooke follow. The trio is joined by Susan Sloan shortly thereafter. A four-way sex scene with two men, Jennifer Jordan and Rebecca Brooke concludes the film.

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