Directed By: Bille Woodruff


Zoe Reynard (Sharon Leal) is a woman who has it all: a thriving work career, a loving husband, and two wonderful children. Unfortunately, the woman has a disorder she cannot suppress: she’s a nymphomaniac. This could jeopardize her perfect life.
In the first passionate scene, Sharon Leal has sex with a man in bed. First, he’s on top of her, then they roll onto their sides and he fucks her from behind. After they finish, she wants to start again, but he falls asleep exhausted. She gets out of bed, sits in front of a computer, pulls a dildo out of a drawer, and starts masturbating.
The second scene is a classic in any respectable erotic film: sex in the shower. Sharon Leal is washing, her partner enters the shower and the sexual performance begins.
Lingerie and black stockings are the protagonists of the following sequence. A few minutes later, Sharon Leal is naked in the shower again, this time alone. Later, Sharon Leal has sex on the hood of a car.
The hot scenes are not over, and now Sharon Leal is posing nude for a portrait. Art gives way to sex and the two make love. Then she gets dressed and goes home.
A couple of intriguing sex scenes follow, one in a nightclub bathroom and one at an office desk.
Two sexy sequences with Kat Graham and Sharon Leal close the list of erotic moments in the film.

Nude scenes