Agenzia cinematografica

Directed By: Ninì Grassia


Agenzia cinematografica is probably the film with the least plot in the world. A photographer and a director are casting for a film and we see one nude scene after another, joined together by a story that doesn’t exist. Okay, there is a corpse at the beginning of the film and we see the murder long after the middle of the film, but they are just two sequences and don’t turn the film into a thriller.
We have nothing to complain about, as it is a riot of tits and asses and nude actresses. There is the debut of the blonde Cristina Barsacchi, who gives us several lesbian scenes together with Giovanna Chicco. The other nude actresses in the film are Elena De Carli, Verdiana La Torre, Alessia Zadel, and Daniela Paganini.

Nude scenes